My vision for this blog is to be a source of encouragement for all that follow.  We live in a world where instead of building one another up, most people find ways to tear each other down.  I want to build you up.  And in so doing, I look forward to you building me up.

What are your dreams? Hopes? Needs?  I can’t take care of them, but I know Who can.  With this blog, my goal is to continually point others to Christ.  I don’t adhere to the prosperity gospel, but I do belive that God wants the best for His children.  Sometimes unfortunately, that best includes pain.  Why does He allow that pain?  It’s different for each situation.  For some it is to allow them to grow.  Others to gain more independence on Him.  Still some, to test their faith.  I believe God’s Word continuously gives us examples of the different reasons He allows things in our lives.

What are your struggles?  Guess what.  I know you aren’t alone.  I don’t know the answers for your struggles, but I want us to turn to God together for those answers.

I am not a professional.  I will simply be sharing what I know of God.  He wants to be in every detail of our lives. From financial, to what’s for supper.

As you have a prayers request, please list it.  We will share concerns with one another.  Please do not offer comments that are not already bathed in prayer, as this is once again to be a site of encouragement.  If you are not lifting someone up, please do not post.  I reserve the right to remove any comments that I feel are not consistent with the vision of this site.

Who can dance without encouragement?


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