Are you dancing with God on purpose?  At all?  As the art of dancing with a human takes practice and skill, so does dancing with God.  Fortunately, He has already given us the skill part, now it is just up to us to do the “practice” part.

The title of my blog is PS1186. That is Psalm 118:6 which has been an important verse to me for over 20 years.  “The Lord is on my side, I will not fear.  What can man do unto me?”  When we grasp that people have no real impact on our eternity, we understand that the things that happen are okay.

Nope, not saying that it is great to go through crisis such as the loss of a loved one, imprisonment of a family member, rape, suicide, financial struggles, divorce, being fired from a job, etc.  But, when we focus on the fact that none of these have any significance on where we spend eternity, we can deal with those situations differently.  The key is to focus on God during those times, not the situation.

In my dance, I want the movement to display my partner, God, not me.  May everything I think, say, or do bring glory and honor to HIM.

Dance. Fearless.  Dance



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