Or, bang my head on the desk (thank the Lord I eliminated all desks in this house several years ago!)

Or bang my head on the wall, or any other list of things that we metaphorically use to get things in our head!

Over the years, you could ask any number of people what my response to their “God problem” is, and they would all tell you the same – “Have you been obedient in what God has specifically called you to do?”

You see, I think that is where most of us have issues. We work in the church. We help the elderly. We tithe off the entirety of our check. We go to church. We do all the things we are supposed to do.

In turn, we see God blessing our lives. He ordains and orchestrates so many of the things spinning around us. Job promotions are received. Family is blessed with great relationships. When crisis strikes, it hurts, but it doesn’t set us back.


Lingering in the back of our minds, the back of our lives, hidden in a closet that is in a room that is in a building we just don’t want to go in is that missing “Ahhhhh, peace with my Savior”.


A couple of months ago, I received a call that I get about once a year or more. A church asking for my resume. Since I am no longer on paid staff, my response has been different than when I was. Most of the time, I sent a “cordial” resume. It was one that really didn’t act as though I was seeking the position. My attitude was always, “If God is really leading them to call me, this joke of a resume will not hinder that. If they pursue, I will give them a better one”.

This time was different. Spaghetti and I actually felt like I was supposed to pursue this one. ARE YOU SERIOUS, GOD? We are/were completely comfortable where God has us today. And we feel like we are accomplishing His work for us today, there.

Okay, I sent the “real” resume. In time, the pastor called to let me know the search committee wanted to meet with me. From the moment I sent the resume, until he called, I felt confident that I was in God’s perfect will. We had a peace about our steps. And, though we didn’t desire it, we could totally see God moving us in that direction. I went to the meeting.

After the meeting, a completely different peace surrounded me. And it was ODD!!! The peace I had told me that I had done what God needed me to do. WHAT????? It’s been a couple of months (well, almost) since that meeting. I haven’t heard back from the church. And it is okay. What was that all about?

It was a test of OBEDIENCE.

Would I be willing to leave my current ministry if God called me away? We have been in our church for almost 6 years. Yes, it would be hard. But, I think I passed that test.

But, I’m not done with being tested!

Another verse I haven’t viewed for context, but just did a quick search for obedience on – may I not be found as the nations:


I pray that you too find those hidden closets of disobedience, even when you think you are doing right.

(Next post – current obedience test. Some of you have already guessed it!)