Effective Umbrella

As for me, I’m not much of an umbrella person. Often, the umbrella is cumbersome. Here in Oklahoma, the wind likes to carry it away, turn it inside out, or just collapse it for me. Another issue is just not having it when you need it. Sure, listening to the forecast SHOULD prove beneficial, but only about fifty percent of the time. So I usually stick to my no need attitude.

Recently, I have had a few friends questioning God’s sovereignty. More on the protection end. As children of the King, we know He desires nothing but the best for us. He would love to protect us from everything that Satan throws at us. And He does. Unfortunately, we get in His way. We know He has a good and perfect plan for each one of us. So often, we go off on our own road, then want God to make it great.

This morning as I was getting ready for the day, I was listening to the rain. Because I have to take my stepson to school, I was also thinking about my umbrella issue. You see, my umbrella isn’t very effective because I choose not to use one. No, God is not an umbrella, but let’s use this analogy.

What makes the umbrella effective? Does it work folded up and put away? Is it effective held by the handle, open, but dangling by your side? What about open, held properly, but off to the side.

None of the above scenarios provide the most effective environment for the umbrella. It has to be open, held upright, and close by so the shelter of the material can provide protection, whether it be from rain or sun.

That is exactly how God is. He is our Father that desires the best for us and wants to protect us, but we have to allow Him to.

He can’t be folded up and taken out on occasion to be most effective. He can’t just dangle by our side, reminding us of His presence, but us never allowing him to provide that protection. And He certainly isn’t most effective in our lives when He is there, but kept at a distance.

God desires few things greater than for His children to be under His protective care at all times. He has a perfect will for each of us, but it is up to us to stay under the umbrella of Him.

He loves us so much He allows us to live our lives without Him controlling it. Sometimes, I think His control would be so much easier. There would be no pain, no suffering, no hard times. Yet with the lack of all the negatives, we would have a hard time seeing His love. God allows our struggles, for us to “get wet”, but He also provides that shelter when we are tired of the struggles we face. The good news is, we don’t have to face so much because He is always standing holding the umbrella, waiting for us to step under His protection.