Been on a road trip lately? I have. Just this morning. And oddly enough, my car never even left the driveway – well, other than to take Joshua to school:)

God impressed upon my heart a year ago to write a blog. And I have remembered it, yet sat upon it. What do YOU want to read about? Have you noticed the TONS of blogs out there? I am just little ole me, some education, but no one of great importance. This has really been a struggle for quiet some time. Not that I have low self esteem, but I am a person that doesn’t finish anything without first having some direction! (like how long it took me to finish college:))

This morning, I feel that MAYBE I received that direction. Working on it now. My goal is to post 2 – 3 times a week. Maybe more as time progresses.

Today, the stop on our Road Trip is : WHERE IS YOUR PARTNER?

Huh? Nope, I’m not talking about a spouse, back-seat driver, partner in crime, apples and oranges, ball and glove type partner. I’m back to the DANCING WITH GOD event of YOUR life.

So many views on dancing. Slow dancing, break dancing, dirty dancing, salsa, line dancing: You get the idea. But, how fun is dancing in your living room – alone?

I’m not a dancer. Don’t pretend to be. But I can tell you that no where in my imagination does dancing in my living room alone sound like fun. Yet it seems that so many people are doing just that with their lives. Sure, we are surrounded by people: family at home, co-workers, fellow shoppers, even fellow worshipers, drivers on the freeway, car-poolers, but there is still this feeling of alone-ness. Those individuals can not fill the place of true intimacy in the dance of life.

I have a great many passions. It’s hard when people ask my hobbies, because it really is based upon the moment in time that we are talking about: cooking, gardening, riding motorcycles, crocheting, reading, running, studying God’s Word, being with family, playing with kids, the list goes on. BUT, none of those hobbies would sustain me other than staying in God’s Word.

Do you stay in God’s Word? Last year, I completed a “read through the Bible plan” that I just love. Professor Grant Horner has put together a great plan that allows you to complete the Bible without getting bogged down in any portion. My mother recommended it as she had just completed it then. I recommend it to you. You can go here to download a printed version. has a Bible app that allows you to download many devotions and Bible reading plans to help you stay in God’s Word. I have Professor Horner’s plan on my smartphone so that anytime I am anywhere, I have it with me. I also use the Bible in 90 Days plan created by Ted Cooper.

There are great websites out there, with new ones being added all the time. One that I discovered this morning is I don’t know much about this one, but you should take the time to explore it to see if it is one for you.

One that I have used often is This is a website with great tools for your Bible Study time.

When you are just starting to consistently invite God to the dance of your life, it’s hard to incorporate tools. Start slow and build. But, DON’T FORGET TO BUILD!!!!

Find a plan that works for you. The best way to “have a partner” is actively reach out to Him. I listen to the Bible as I do things throughout the day. I have a plan. When I don’t hear God’s Word on a regular basis, I feel empty. Nothing is better for us than God’s Word.

It’s not a New Year’s Resolution. It’s not a goal. It’s a way of life. Sure, when I began, it was hard. But, I knew I needed it. And those around me, knew I needed it. Don’t try your life dance without your Partner!