Ahhhhh, for the Love of the Ride!

Yep, I love to RIDE!!!  These days it is more on the motorcycle than on the bicycle (the tires are just never aired up!!!)  And, yes, I know, I LOVE a lot of things: cooking, crocheting, gardening, geocaching (that’s a new one), worshiping God, reading (or better yet, listening to a book while I do something else!)….the list goes on.  I am so lucky to not have to work, otherwise, how would I keep up with my hobbies?


So, today, I decided I needed to go for a little ride.  For me, a ride is not just a drive across town.  Going to the bank on my motorcycle does not qualify as a RIDE.  Speed ( not above the limit) and distance are required for me to consider something a RIDE.


I love it.  Last week, I was asked by a teenager why I love riding so much.  Took me a little bit to be able to answer.  First, I told her it was the freedom I felt on the bike.  You know, wind in your hair =:) kind of freedom?  Okay not totally, I wear a helmet, so I don’t feel the wind in my hair, and I have a pretty good windshield on the bike, so not much “air” gets to my head. After a bit, I concluded that one of the main reasons I like to ride so much is the quietness of it.  When you are on the bike, it is just you and the road.  Sure, the bike is LOUD, but that is it…….And just a few weeks ago, I convinced Tim that we needed to go ahead and get a communication system…..So much for QUIET!  🙂


I love my bike.  I started out on a 250cc Honda Rebel.  It was great for me.  If you are in the market to start riding, I highly recommend this bike. It is a small bike, great for beginners

I loved that bike, but my first trip to Amarillo proved to me that I needed a bigger bike!  As luck would have it, the minute I decided to buy a bigger bike, I sold the Rebel.


I am now on a 800cc Suzuki Intruder.  LOVE it!  And it is loud! Yes, you know when I am coming.  It could be louder, but I will stick with it as it is for a while:)  No pictures yet.  Probably soon though, as Tim is getting a 800cc Suzuki Intruder Volutia (or something along those lines) and we’ll need a new pic!


Okay, back to today….


I go head out for my ride.  It takes about two miles tops from my house to get on a highway, where I can just ride.  For several miles, though, the speed limit is 55 mph.  I do not have a problem with that, ever.  Today, I am riding along, thinking about how wonderful of a day it is to ride.  The sky is overcast, it hasn’t gotten hot for the day yet, not many travelers on the road.  All-in-all, a good day for a ride.

And I am traveling 55 mph. Cars are passing me by.  Nothing to grab my attention, as I am used to that.  And remember, I am in no hurry.


Ahead, I see a police officer do a u-turn in front of me.   He is between the cars that have just passed me, and me.  I don’t really think anything of it, as I am obeying the speed limit.  He had just come over a hill.  He pulls over to the shoulder, so my mind thinks “ah, he’s setting himself up to get people heading in to the City speeding”.  And I drive pass him.  Guess what!  HE FLIPS ON HIS LIGHTS!!!  Huh?  Confused, but not really concerned, I pull over.


Honestly, I am anxious (not in a bad way) to find out why he has pulled me over. I mean, I’m not speeding, so I know I haven’t done anything wrong.  Maybe my front light is out and he is going to let me know about that.  Tim and I were just riding two nights ago, but that could happen….or something.  Right?


He gets out of his car.  No board in his hand, or anything else for that matter.  I didn’t start digging for my license or insurance – SINCE I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING WRONG!  I didn’t take off my helmet.  I really just sat there as he approached.  I was CURIOUS!!!


His first words to me “Are you aware of the speed limit?”  “Yes sir, it’s 55.”  “Well, I clocked you doing 66 mph.”  WHAT????? Horror Stricken! You’ve got to be kidding me! Not sure, but I do think I said that to him.  He told me he wasn’t writing me a ticket or a warning, just advised me to slow down and have my speedometer checked.  HUMMMMM???????


Yep, I really do have problems with this whole scenario.  Yet, I haven’t totally come to grips with how I feel about it.  When he topped the hill, no way he knew I was a female.  Not only did I have on my leather jacket and my helmet, but my hair was actually inside my jacket.  Sure, he knew the rider was smaller than a lot of other bikers, but that was it. So, this wasn’t a case of stopping a “biker chic”.


And, don’t forget the cars that were passing me by….


If I was going 11 mph over the speed limit, and on a motorcycle, shouldn’t he have at least issued a warning?  He didn’t run my tag, nor even prepare to do anything if I was a problem (remember, nothing in hand when he got out of the car)


About 20 miles down the road a “federal police” car passed me by while I was doing what my speedometer read as the speed limit.  Not sure if federal police do anything about traffic violations, but……


Yeah, it was an interesting day on the bike.  Really has me curious as to what was really going on with that officer.  Nope, don’t believe I was speeding.  If he would have said maybe 5 mph over, I might have not thought anything of it.  It is hard to maintain a steady speed.


Side note – No tears, no flirting, none of that – to “get me out of it”.

Definitely one of those days that just makes you go “HUMMMMM??????”


What are your interesting traffic stop stories?