I’m going to start sharing a little of what is going on/has gone on in our journey as Foster parents.  That journey in and of itself is crazy to me, as seriously, 6 months ago there was not even a step down that road.

Today, there is a path of distinction.  At least for today. We see lots of potholes, curves, and very little “straights” on this path.  Fortunately, due to hiking the Grand Canyon and other well-known National Parks, we know that the mundane, and often overbearing switchbacks, yield a destination.

Ohhhh, our journey. As I stated in an earlier post, we had absolutely never even discussed being foster parents.  How do you explain “nothing”?  Two scenario’s come to mind for me…..the first being Creation.  God created heaven and earth out of nothing! Genesis 1:2 –

God makes beautiful things out of nothingness!

God makes beautiful things out of nothingness!

Yeah, that about explains our “nothingness” regarding foster parenting.  It came in to being from nothing on our part.  God spoke the world in to existence.  I have to say, He spoke us in to foster parenting.

Since we knew the children before they went in to State’s custody, we were considered kinship fostering, which allowed us to get them before we were certified.  In hindsight – I love hindsight – this was probably the only way we would ever have started fostering.  Spaghetti and I, especially me, don’t tend to “sit” on something once we decide on it. From what I understand, it takes most people several moths to get certified. We probably  would have gotten frustrated going the traditional route!

So, we got the children.  We were led to believe they were staying with us until they returned to their mom’s home.  Unfortunately, for both them and us, that was not true.  Hot Sauce and Cookie Muffin are now split up in different homes.

Since dealing with the System was not a positive experience for us, we just don’t have a desire to deal with them again. Yet, we recognize a need for foster homes. So, what do you do???

You talk to people who have had positive experiences as foster parents!  And talk I did.  Fortunately, Cookie Muffin’s teacher at school is also a foster parent.  I visited with her on Cookie Muffin’s last day at school.  She has had great experiences as a foster parent, and has had several opportunities to foster.  So….her secret?

Go through a private agency!  Hummmmm??????

So, the day Cookie Muffin left, I felt like I better make contact.  I knew if I didn’t, we would get back in to our mundane lives and not pursue being foster parents.  Yet……we knew it was a need.  So…..

The following day, I received a phone call from the agency.  We talked about what I needed to do, that yes, we could probably foster through them.  But, our home had to be closed by the System first.

I made the phone call.  Was advised that basically it would be about a month before our home could be changed.  No, they didn’t want to close it, but since I requested it, they have to close it.

And two days later, the private agency called to let me know that the System had changed their policy.  Basically, this new change required us to WAIT A YEAR before getting children again.  YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!?????

I told the agency to keep my name and number handy so that she could call me when the policy was reversed.  Guess what!

I got that call yesterday (it was only a week!!!)!  Yeah, I don’t have all the details, but we are back in the process for getting children.  We could have new additions to our family again by Christmas!  Yes, we have to still wait till our home is closed, but……

The private agency has a few more requirements for us to get certified with them.  But it sounds like they are going to try to fast track us since we have already fostered.

Yep, see these curves and switchbacks?  Not fun and we loose a lot of energy, but the view at the top is going to be great!!!