MONDAY MESSAGE – Nehemiah 4:14

Our church has a “chalkboard message” each week for families to talk about, learn, and apply in their homes.  It’s a great conversation starter, and a great way to implement God’s Word intentionally in our families.  Monday I will reflect on our verse for the week.  Feel free to use it in your home.  Write it on your chalkboard (doesn’t everyone have one now?), write it on your mirror (I know you have that), use up those sticky notes. You know, Deuteronomy 11:20, modern day:)

Fight those Spiritual battles for your loved ones!

Fight those Spiritual battles for your loved ones!

Have you ever looked at the spiritual condition of yourself and/or those around you and thought,”There is no redemptive hope here”?

The “nobles, officials, and the rest of the people” thought the same thing.  Their beloved Jerusalem, their Holy City, their refuge, was in shambles.  And, oh, it didn’t just happen over night. Over a long period of time, Jerusalem was in need of help. But, no one had the vision or faith to see it restored.

Along came Nehemiah.  He had some help from a brother messenger. He was no longer in Jerusalem, so Nehemiah didn’t know it’s current condition.  But he made a simple inquiry.  He cared, even from afar.

As you continue to read Nehemiah, you find that in just a matter of 52 days the wall had been restored.  When those of little faith were encouraged to fight for their families, to work together to restore Jerusalem, it was restored.

Where do you need restoration today? God has prepared the way.  He is greater than any enemy. He will fight for you (Exodus 14:13). Pray fervently, and enlist others to pray for you.

Do you know someone that needs restoration today?  Pray for them.   Are they weary? Hold them up (Exodus 17:12).

Today can be a great day of restoration.  God desires that all of His children be restored.  For those that can’t fight on their own today, fight for them.  For those that can fight on their own, fight for them.

God has won the battle.  He has provided salvation. There is no one too far gone that He can’t restore.