Recently (actually, this week), while doing some cleaning, I found a few ‘devotionals’ I have written over the years.  These aren’t presentations, just little pieces.  I’ll randomly share thoughts of years gone by.

Today comes from I’m guessing about 15 years ago.  I’m really not sure, but I have been married 10 years, and this speaks of when I was single.  But I think the message still is relevant.

I remember going to see one of my little friends play tee-ball.  This I believe, is one of the most fun and teaching sports ever developed for children.

I think about the game itself.  What do the children do?  For the most part, they have fun. All children get to play. All children get an ‘at bat’ turn. They all get to run the bases.  The object they are aiming for (the ball) is set at their level.  They are all winners. And one of the neatest rules –   they never strike out!

As I think about this simple, yet entertaining game, I think of the Christian life.

As children of God, we all get to play.  God has a purpose for each and everyone one of us.  Once we accept Christ, we are on the team.  And, God has a position for us to play. Just as a tee-ball team has to figure out which position each member is best suited for, so must we determine where God wants us.  The coach of the team helps each individual player develop his skills to work together as a team.  God has already determined what position He needs us to play and continually works on us to develop in to the players He wants us to be.

Every day of our life is one more chance for us to step up to the plate.  Christians are given an opportunity to continue playing the game in order to recruit more members.  In Matthew 28:18-20, Christ commands us to continue spreading the Gospel.  This is not only for when we are in some foreign land, but also in our homeland.

When the ref sets the ball, he sets it at each individual child’s level.  If the ball is too high or too low, we see endless attempts by the child to reach that ball.  Spectators find such humor in this act, while the child gets more and more frustrated.  Fortunately, for Christians God sets our object at the right level for each of us.  He will not let us be overcome with that which will seize us or discourage us from continuing to play the game.

Although God will not let us be tempted or overcome by that which would make us quit (I Cor 10:13), He also sets a goal before us.  Each child has the desire to hit the ball if nothing else. Paul encourages us to reach for the goal God has set for us.  When we see that goal, it needs to become our goal (Philippians 3:2-14).

Now, my favorite part – No one strikes out!!!  As a Christian, I see that as the biggest encouragement of all.  No matter what, I can not strike out!  I am on God’s team forever, and He has already won the game.  Recently, I have been trying to figure out exactly what position God wants me to play on His team.  As a single woman, it seems like so many possibilities are closed for whatever reason (being single, female, only financial provider, etc).  As I began my search, different doors seemed to open and close again- new job possibility, education, even leisure time.  It seemed as though everywhere I turned, for the things I though was to be, I actually took a strike.  I didn’t strike out, though I took many strikes.  I am still in God’s Game.  He stills has a position for me.  And, He will continue putting that ball on the tee, at my level, until I get it as He wants.

Do you feel like you are striking out?  What position does God have for you to play?  Remember you can enjoy by watching, but the real fun is in playing the game!