Okay, honestly, most of my posts could share the same title.  I’ll admit it, I get “addicted” to things I like.  I am an extremely passionate person (so I think).  Most of my addictions surround FOOD!  I love to cook, so that is what is going on most of the time.  But, I’ve also noticed, it has taken a back seat lately.  I guess it’s because of the heat.




I have Juvenile Rheumatoid  Arthritis.  No, I’m not a juvenile (just act it).  I was diagnosed as a child, therefore, for DR’s reference it is always labeled JRA.


I’ve had it now for almost 33 years.  What that means for the person not educated on the subject is that I live in chronic pain.  Yes, there are times in my life when it is worse than others, but there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t have pain.  Sympathy needed?  No.  For me it is a way of life.  It really is something that I am accustomed to and honestly rarely think about.  It also means that I have random “illnesses” associated with the disease.  Most of the time they just aren’t normal:)


As you know, we went on vacation a few weeks ago.  While on vacation, I was able to see my cousin Brooke and her husband, Josh (check out their blog, Life in the Big House).  He was wearing a pair of Skele-toes by FILA.  Sure, we’ve all seen them. Thought they were weird-looking.  But, not really a necessity.  JD talked about how much he likes his (he has two pair). Said at first it takes a bit to get used to wearing them, but he wears his as much as possible.


In our minds, we didn’t knock them.  Whatever he wants.  No big deal.  The next day we were running around town with Mom and Steve.  Mom and I went in a shoe store and there were some Skele-toes.  Mom decided not to buy them as they were a luxury item, not a necessity.  We kept walking.


Vacation is over.  We are back in Oklahoma.  And it is tax-free weekend.  Naturally, Joshua needed a few new school clothes.  So, Tim and Joshua head out.  Joshua wants some Skele-toes. (hummmmm) They find a store that sells them, and the good new is: they are on sale AND you get 1/2 off the second pair.  So, I get a phone call.  Tim is in need of some new tennis shoes, and he knows I was interested in the Skele-toes too.



He ends up buying us both a pair.  And I have rarely taken mine off!


To me it is amazing the difference these shoes make for my feet.  I don’t hurt near as bad when wearing them.  And at the end of the day, I am not anxious to get off my feet.  I sent Mom a text just this morning telling her that Skele-toes are not a luxury, they are a necessity.  I think she and Steve both should have a pair:)


My biggest dilemma: what am I going to wear with these shoes today?  I mean really, dresses just don’t look right.  But, guess what – today you will find me at Wal-mart, wearing a dress (because it’s cooler than other clothes) and I am wearing my Skele-toes!  I’ve really never been one for fashion……but now I’m really not!

I have not been paid by FILA for this post (though if they were to decide to send another pair of Skele-toes, I would keep them).  Nor, have I been asked to write a review.  I just thought I would share with you.  If you’re feet hurt…..try some Skele-toes!


Do you own a pair?  Where/how often do you wear them?