The holidays have passed and we are a few days in for the year 2014!  Happy New Year!

I must say, I’m happy the holidays are over.  Now, finally, our lives can get back to normal.  We can slow down, and get back to every day activity as usual.


Reality is, our life will not slow down. Every day activity is constant change here. Even today, I signed up for a wedding planner class. And, I have already finished session 1.  Yeah, I fill up my schedule when there is half a minute!

My last FOSTER FRIDAY post indicated that I was anxiously awaiting a phone call.  Well, I had to wait a few days.  It didn’t come when I wanted.  But, it did come.  As soon as I received the automated call, I called our foster care worker to remind her to close our file.  Of course, I had to leave a message.

And, a couple of days later, I called AGAIN.  And once again had to leave a message.  Okay, so I was kinda getting frustrated with the whole message leaving thing.  I very much liked our foster care worker, but not having communication with someone is something I don’t like!

I let it rest for a few days.  Of course, my life got busy as we were closing in on Christmas. Finally, I had decided on December 19 that I would call AGAIN after the mail was delivered if there wasn’t a letter in the mail indicating our file had been closed.

And guess what!!!

That letter came in the mail!!!



So, I immediately contacted the private agency to let them know we had finally received the letter. I later delivered the letter, and signed a Consent to Release form.

Guess where we are now.


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