As I write this, I am anxiously awaiting a call.  The call?  The one from our System that lets me know the final deposit has been made in to our account.  Once that call occurs, I will call my worker asking/reminding her to close my account.  Originally I was planning to go to her office to pick up the letter stating the account is closed, but unfortunately, we have a few inches of snow on the ground with some ice.  I think I will just stay home.


Once I receive the letter, I get to go to the private agency with letter in hand to pick up an application to foster with them.  Go through a brief orientation, take a personality test, get first aid certified, THEN we are back on track to having more kids.




Did you watch the Sound of Music last night?  Oh, we did.  And though there are critics out there, I thought it was great.  I mean, who really expected it to be just like the original?  Couldn’t be.  But, when it was all over, who didn’t feel good?  You really can’t watch the Sound of Music and not feel good, now can you?


I did have one problem. Well, a couple actually. But neither had anything to do with the movie!  It was the commercials.  You see, for issue #1, I don’t watch T.V. hardly ever.  The only reason I knew The Sound of Music was showing was because I had watched the noon news to see if we were actually going to get any of the winter storm being predicted.  And there entered a commercial.  Which is exactly what my problem was…..have you ever noticed how long the commercials run?  It seemed FOREVER!!!!  If you needed a potty break, or needed a snack, you had plenty of time during the commercials.  I have to admit, I took advantage of one commercial series – I made me some Hot Chocolate!  Yummmm……


The other issue I had:  The Wal-Mart commercials surrounding the large family.  Six months ago, those commercials would not have phased me.  But, now…..Our part-time empty nester home just doesn’t cut it.


Yeah, it really made me miss Cookie Muffin and Hot Sauce so much.  They were only two, and then when Noodle is home, three.  But, what a difference it makes.  It really makes me want this time of transition to hurry up and be over.


Yesterday, the solitude of waiting for this winter storm was pretty rough too.  How much fun if I had the kids here to share it with?  Popcorn, hot chocolate, snow ice cream, movies, games,…..the list could go on.


After I found out about The Sound of Music coming on, I anticipated it all day.  I was so excited.  I made sure supper would be out-of-the-way.  I wanted to just sit and watch it.


And at 6:44 pm my phone rang.  I looked at the number.  I didn’t recognize it, other than to know it was in the eastern part of the state.  There was only one person in the eastern part of the state that I hoped would be calling.  HOT SAUCE!


It was him.  He is doing well.  He didn’t like the idea of getting out of school because of the weather.  He wanted to have basketball practice.  Yep, he’s playing on the basketball team. He didn’t really want to tell us much of what is going on in his life.  He wants us to tell him what is going on with us.  Gotta remember that.  They want to still feel connected to us by us telling them what all has gone on in their absence.


The phone calls are few and far between.  He’s been gone 2 months and this is only the second call.  But, it was a call.  He doesn’t have to call.  I don’t think he is even encouraged to call.  But he did.  It made this (not real) Mama go to bed with a smile.  My boy called.

It's the small things


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