Thanksgiving is past, and Christmas is upon us. We have entered in to the time of year where even the nicest of people become as those we don’t want to be around.  We are entangled in so many things from Christmas parties, church events, and present buying that we often lose focus of what this season is truly about.

We’ve all heard the saying “Jesus is the reason for the season”. And He is.  But, how do our lives reflect that?  Our busy-ness is no reflection of Jesus being the focus.

As I reflect upon our Monday Message this week, the word that jumps out at me is “the”.  Just as it appears in the above saying, we see it in our verse.

THE mighty God – my capitalization. Isaiah was prophesying about the coming Christ. For so many years, they were looking for a redeemer.  They were looking to be rescued.  They were looking for salvation. – Does any of this sound familiar for today?  Our world is looking for something.  I pray that if you are one that is searching, you find Him today. So many are honoring several gods – money, material possessions, social status, employment status. But, the problem there is that there is only one God, THE mighty God.

THE everlasting Father – Do you know someone fatherless?  Is that you? With divorce being so common today, and children being born to unwed mothers, fathers have fallen by the wayside.  So many do not recognize the important role of father in the life of a child. Some fathers are following the example set forth in Scripture to be Godly men, while others aren’t. But even when the earthly father is living according to God’s Word, he will fail at some point. However, we have an everlasting Father that will never fail us, nor leave us.  He will not hurt us. He is THE everlasting Father.

THE Prince of Peace – AHHHHHH peace!  There is another thing that is actively sought after.  Unfortunately, so many are seeking it from earthly things.  If I have enough money, I will have peace.  If I marry someone who looks good, I will have peace.  If I move to the country, I will have peace.  Some of these things might be for you, but they won’t bring peace.  We live in a fallen world.  Satan has a great desire that you constantly seek, but never find.  He will keep you searching lying about the next thing that will give you the peace you are looking for.  The problem?  He will never lead you to THE Prince of Peace.

Jesus Christ came to earth as a simple babe.  He lived a perfect life.  He died an excruciating death so that He may be YOUR Mighty God, YOUR everlasting Father, YOUR Prince of Peace.  If you have not accepted His gift of eternal life, He is reaching out to you today. Take the gift.  You won’t have a perfect life, but your search will be over.


A Son

A Son

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