MONDAY MESSAGE – II Corinthians 9:15

I think that verse says it all!

I think that verse says it all!


Miriam-Webster online applies a definition to the word “indescribable” that I really like –

 “impossible to describe : very great or extreme”


Thayer’s Greek Lexicon says “to describe and commemorate which words fail”.


How do you describe eternal salvation properly?  How do you describe grace? How do you describe forgiveness?


Sure, I think we all have a glimpse of what eternal salvation, grace, and forgiveness mean, but to properly put in to words which completely and fully explain it, I believe is impossible.


Does that mean we shouldn’t try to describe those things?  How do you receive a most prized gift and tell no one of it?  How do you love deeply, yet keep it hidden?


You begin by giving thanks to the provider of the Gift. Then, you find ways in your words and actions to tell of His greatness, knowing that though His Gift is so great and extreme that you can not fully comprehend it, you have to share it with others.



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