As I pull out of my housing addition, I am greeted with a sign:


We’ve all seen the sign. And, we all have a reaction. Whether it’s the left lane, right lane, all together detour. Personally speaking, my reaction is not usually one of joy.  I typically find a way to go around that section of road.  Yeah, I’ll make my own detour. And, most often in hindsight, I discover if I would have followed the original path, it wouldn’t have taken as long!

But, that is altogether a different post!

Today, I want to think about what happens when we choose to detour, instead of taking that “road of construction”.

Yesterday was a difficult day in our family.  The children we have come to love so dearly, as close to our own as we could get, left.  We have been foster parents for almost 5 months.  We’ve known these children for a couple of years. They were nothing but a blessing to us. We do not speak highly of the System, but the kids were great.

Did we plan to foster children?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!  Nope, we are a family of 2 1/2, and happy to be that way.  I say 1/2 because we are what I call part-time empty nesters.  You see, Noodle lives with his mom 1/2 of the time.  So, when he isn’t here, we are empty nesters.  Just me and Spaghetti.

A little about Spaghetti – people think I am over the top on OCD. They haven’t met my husband when it comes to children.  He really doesn’t have tolerance for ANY behavior. He is old school in that children should be seen and not heard.  So, really…..children in our home has never been a conversation.  Sure, I babysit on occasion. But not when he is home.

When we originally heard about Hot Sauce and Cookie Muffin being taken from their mom, we were at church camp.  I was cooking for 60 teenagers, and he was a sponsor.  So, we weren’t in a place to do something RIGHT then.  A few days pass, and we hear a little more information at church.  I tell him that night “You know, it’s everything I can do to keep from going to get those kids in the morning”. His response was one that was less than desirable.  I went to bed.

Over the next few days, prayers and phone calls from church members were made.  Some had concluded that we were in a great position to do something.  They worked in relation to Spaghetti.  He took Scripture to heart admonishing us to care for the orphans.  Though, these weren’t actual orphans, we listened to those words to care for them.

Was this a detour?  You better believe it!  We haven’t been able to go on a motorcycle ride since they came in to our care. Our house isn’t near as quiet as it once was. I had to get up much earlier than I was accustomed to so they would have a cooked breakfast for school. With 3 children, 3 schools, 2 different school districts, my taxi service was in full swing.  Some days I was in the car for 4 hours just taking and picking up kiddos!

How would our lives have been different if we would have avoided this detour? It wouldn’t have changed much. We would have still been going on motorcycle rides about once a month, not including just our regular running around town. Our house would have still been pretty quiet (Noodle is more contemplative than drama). I would have been sleeping till maybe 7 most days of the week. And the taxi service would have only maxed out at 2 1/2 hours one day a week.

What would we have missed?  BLESSINGS!!!!  The joy of having a 5-year-old drama queen.  That girl was full of energy, and her energy was something she loved to share.  She constantly had some make-believe scenario going on that she made you a part of.  Hot Sauce?  That boy loves to make people laugh.  And for the most part, will do whatever it takes to get you laughing.  He loves talking in different voices. And, he loves talking.  PURE JOY!!!

I am so glad when we were given the opportunity to detour, or take the road that detoured our lives, that we took that road.  I would hate to have missed these blessings.

And what did Spaghetti say when he walked in the house yesterday after work?  “Do we have any new kids yet?”  It would have never been a conversation in our house before.  We would have avoided it.

That road, outside my neighborhood?  Part of it is actually fixed. It’s not such a rough road after all.

Don’t miss God’s blessings because of a slight detour.
What are some detour’s you have taken that you are so glad you did?


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