As I sit down to write this, my first thought is that God’s Word just speaks for itself. And I do not edit that!!! The MONDAY MESSAGE today is one of those verses that is just overwhelming to me for security reasons.

Have you ever sat down with God and asked Him how you are supposed to live?  Has it been a thought that crossed your mind? The Bible is a great guide-book, road map, or instructional manual – however you want to look at it.  But, it can be a little bit overwhelming.  Regardless of what translation you are reading there are several hundred pages to read.  Depending on your comprehension level, and the rate at which you read, it could take you a while to read it. This weeks’ message gives us a little glimpse of how God would have us live:

We are HIS. We are to be Holy.

We are HIS. We are to be Holy.

There you have it!  We are to live HOLY lives. We are to live our life for Christ. We are HIS.

Read more in God’s Word to discover what it means to live holy. Grab a bible tool such as a commentary and look up HOLY.  See how many times it is used. If you use it will tell you that HOLY appears 611 times in KJV.  That right there would prove to be a good study of what HOLY means.  When studying what it means to be HOLY, make sure you read the verse in context, not just that single verse. is also a great place to look up meanings of biblical terms. We hear that we are supposed to live HOLY lives, but do we even know what that means?


I wasn’t starting this post as a post about, but it is a great resource.  Don’t let it take the place of actually reading your Bible.  Knowledge is great, but without the actual Word of God lived out in our lives, we are nothing.


I am to be HOLY because HE is HOLY and HE has set me apart for HIM. I pray that I live a HOLY life as He desires.

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