AHHHHH……..Finally I get to my life verse.  Yeah, it’s my life verse for a reason.  LONG history.  Follow me, as I try to shorten it enough for you to read to the end. Yesterday as I was contemplating this post, God stuck the DOES NOT EQUAL part on.  Interesting how He does that.


Back in college, those long-lost days, my BFF and I were roommates.  We weren’t just roommates, we were college soul mates.  The kind where she would head off to class before I woke up.  I would get to her second class for the day, being my first class, and we would find that we had dressed alike.  Yep…..we were soul mates.


One night she had a dream.  Remember, there has been MANY years since this dream, but it had an impact on the two of us because it just wasn’t “ordinary”.  Basically, the time had come in our world where we were facing the end.  Lots of fear and evil presided over all. A situation occurred where a large group had gathered for protection.  In this dream, fear had overtaken this room of people.  For some reason, in her dream, I expressed no fear, and handled the situation in a manner that brought about freedom.


WHOA!!!!  FREAKY! But, as I look back on it, I think that was probably about the time in my life that God started working on me regarding FEAR.


Shortly thereafter, a significant crisis occurred in my family’s life. It was one that really had a large impact on the entirety of us, and we are still feeling the effects, sometimes good, sometimes bad, of it today.  Afterwards, God provided an opportunity for me to go to Indiana as a student missionary.  That was one of the biggest life-changing events of my life.  Still reeling from the aforementioned crises, God lead me to Psalms 118:6 during one of my devotionals.  And my life has rested on that ever since.


The crises that occurred was man inflicting on a person I love greatly.  I don’t know if I began to live in fear at that time, but I do know a part of me changed.  I entered in to a greater world of distrust than I had ever been.  I trusted just about everyone.  But this led me to question who I trusted.


As I dwell on this verse, it is so very real to me. “The Lord is on my side” WOW!!!  Think about that.  We know from His Word, that we are His creation, that He delights in us (Ps 147:11), but that He is also on our side?  Really!  Do you remember as a child, choosing teams?  It was so exciting to start a game with the neighborhood “best” on your team!  Well, this is even greater.  God is the WORLD best.  AND HE IS ON YOUR SIDE!!!  Yep, I find comfort in that.


“I WILL NOT FEAR” – Back to that game.  Do you remember how much joy you had in playing that pick up game of basketball because the neighborhood best was on your team?  You were able to ENJOY the game, because you had confidence you were going to win.  You weren’t wrapped up in trying to be the best.  You knew the game was going to end and you were going to be on the winning team. Are you living your life today as though you are on the winning team? Are you enjoying life?


“WHAT CAN MAN DO UNTO ME?” – When we look at those words from a worldly perspective, we know man can do a lot.  We are surrounded on all sides by people who are bent on harming others to build themselves up.  So, from a worldly perspective, man can do lots.  But, as Christ-followers are we supposed to focus on the worldly or the heavenly?  From a spiritual aspect, absolutely no one can affect your eternity. You were bought and paid for with a price.  Christ’s blood.  No one can take that from you. Paul’s words of Philippians 1:21, “For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain” is just a reminder that wherever we are, here on earth or in eternity with Christ, we have LIFE. The persecution that MAY befall you today is all worth it when we realize the value of heaven.


Today, are you living in fear? Are you living the life God has called you to live? Next post will be the continuation, focusing on living in wisdom.  We aren’t to be careless with our lives, but we are to live without fear.PS 118-6

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