That’s what precious little Cookie Muffin said to me as she was getting out of the car today.  We were actually talking about her.  You see, she is so young, and still struggles with buckling her seatbelt.  Most days she gets it…..not today.

Nope, we don't like food!

Noodle, Cookie Muffin, Hot Sauce

But, I think, it applies to me!!!!

This whole blog thing.  If you’ll remember, or just read back to the beginning (where was that), I totally feel God leading me to write a blog.  Yet, this is round three of me saying “Let’s Do THIS!”

Lately, I’ve had some encouragement. And, oh, they were CLUELESS!!!

A few of these bloggers, I am associated with as a result of volunteering for a well-known coupon blog that has since changed faces.  All of us have decided we will no longer contribute to that site, and most of these have been blogging for real for a while.

To say how they have encouraged me, I can’t.  But, they deserve the credit.  And, if once again, I find myself occupying my time with things other than the computer, they are not responsible:) – who happens to be my best real life example of try, try again for today!

And Finally, I looked at what I had to say…..

Actually, I apparently have lots to say on this matter…..I just stopped reading what I had to say to myself!

There you have it. I’m supposed to walk in my own shoes.  Do what I feel called to do.  And just do it.

What are you supposed to “try, try again”?  Make sure you have accountability!  You are my accountability.

One thought on “TRY, TRY AGAIN……

  1. I am so glad you are back to this! I know you have so much to say, things that we all need to hear. Thank you for including me in your list. The other bloggers you mentioned are some of my favorite people! They have always been an encouragement to me as well, and so helpful when I lose my way in this blogging wilderness. Looking forward to many many more posts!

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