We just returned from vacation. And today I am experiencing the doldrums that always follows for me.

I love our vacations.  I know very few people who enjoy a vacation of our type.  But, oh, I love it.

We typically leave out just after Tim gets off work.  This time was no exception.  Unfortunately, it took us a bit to get going.  Finally, about 7:30 pm we were on the road, heading East.  I have a difficult time sleeping in a car, and he has a difficult time staying awake, so it makes sense that I drive as far as I can, usually for at least 6 hours.

Our first destination was to be Cleveland, Ga.  My parents are camp hosts at an RV resort there, Horseshoe Trails.  As we were preparing to go, I had visions of a retirement center RV resort.  Mom had told me of Bingo, water aerobics, line dance classes, etc.  Yep, sounds like retirement center to me.  Since it is an RV resort, there were only five tent spots, but that was fine.  We just need one.

Mom’s RV was just over the hill from our tent.  Below, I have taken a picture of the road to the tent camping, and the RV sites.  SUCH a difference.  But the walk was fun!  I was standing in the same spot for both pics:)

While in Cleveland, we hiked, went tubing down the Chattahoochee River, geocached with my cousin and her husband, then Mom and Steve, Joshua helped Tata and Big Daddy work, and we took Joshua in to Atlanta to get his 12th Junior Ranger Badge from the National Park Services, this one being the Chattahoochee River  National Recreation Area.

Mom finding her first geocache!

Joshua working on his Jr. Ranger Badge

Finally we headed off to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park where Joshua could obtain his 13th badge.  On our way though, I discovered a sign that said “Blue Ridge National Parkway“.  Yep, it was part of the National Park Services, and we just couldn’t pass up an opportunity for him to get THAT badge.  So….our arrival to GSM was delayed several hours.

By the time we arrived at our campsite, we were all pretty tired.  It was nice as there were VERY few people there.  Tim didn’t realize it, but he had chosen the most primitive of campsites for us in the park.  The nice aspect to that was that we didn’t have to deal with party-ers.  When we camp, we go to bed with the sun and we get up with the sun.  Party-ers are hard on us.

Once again we hiked, worked on a badge for Joshua, and a first for us – Tim and I worked on a patch.  Makes sense – we always do the things with Joshua.  Smoky’s is the only National Park that we have been to that gives the parents something!  It was funny having the Park Rangers sign our paper:)

Got up the next day and headed back to OKC.  And then the thoughts of simpler life began, as they always do.  Only this time, reality is beginning to set in.

This is the first time my parents have been camp hosts.  It sheds a new light on things.  I love tent camping.  I have always just loved the simplicity of going camping.  I cook over the fire pit.  We take showers in the bath houses. I boil water to wash dishes afterwards.  I just all around love it.  Every time we return from vacation, I think how I was born in the wrong century.  Sure, reality says it was a  lot of hard work.

Now, I’m thinking:  When Joshua graduates from high school, what is holding us back?  Being debt-free gives us a lot of freedom.  I am now dreaming of hitting the road as camp hosts when he leaves home.  Sure, give him a year or so to determine if we need to stay here.  If we need to, we can.  But, if he is settled in to college life, wherever that will be…..we’ll be empty nesters then…….Some RV resorts pay their camp hosts while also paying their expenses.

We sell the house, along with everything in it.  I’ve tried to determine what we would want to keep.  And there isn’t that much. We really aren’t materialistic.  But, I do want my dishes.  What for?  Not sure if they are just going in storage, but I still want to keep them.  And well……that’s about it.  Everything goes.

We buy an RV. And hit the road.  Sure, we have to have our motorcycles and one 4 wheeled vehicle. Take minimal clothes.  Based upon the size of the kitchen in the RV – dishes.

That’s it.  In reality, we don’t need much.  Yes, I am completely sold on it.  A simpler way of life.  Not having to keep up with the 1800 sq ft house, along with everything in it. No, we don’t have a large house.  We don’t have the financial stresses of so many our age to keep us strapped.  I am a dreamer.  Always looking for an adventure.  But, most of all, wanting the simple life.  I think I might have found it.

Now to get Tim on board:)

Would you choose the simpler life?  What would be your must-have if you did?

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