WOW it has been such a long time since I have posted ANYTHING!!!  So sorry about that.  But have you noticed that life goes on?  So many things pulling at our apron strings…..and yet life goes on.


Just the other day, a church member was asking for a play date with us.  I love being social, but sometimes that social bug is a bit overwhelming.  Just the previous day, I was thinking SOMETHING on my calendar has got to be eliminated.  But what?  Just a glimpse of some of the random things that keep me from doing other things I would want to do….like this blog, going to lunch with friends, more of some of these pics:)


Baby TheoEnter Baby Theo.  Yep, he’s adorable!  One of the rare moments that he is sleeping well.  He has actually been asleep for almost 2 1/2 hours!  And that is RARE!  He’s only mine on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday.  Absolutely love my time with him, but as anyone that has had a 3 month old knows…..hard to establish a schedule or list and expect to accomplish it in any given day!


If you have not entered in to the world of coupons, you are truly missing out.  By using coupons, my family saves hundreds each month on grocery’s and other household expenses.  We were already frugal before I started couponing, but now it’s amazing how much we save.  Yes, we are debt free, and plan to stay that way.  Couponing helps towards that goal. My only source for online couponing is Money Saving Queen, Sarah Roe.  Sarah wears her faith on her sleeve and it is evident throughout her business.  I am part of that team, posting coupon match-ups for two local grocery stores. Money Saving Queen has gone nationwide, so wherever you are, you can get ethical information regarding couponing.  Check her out.


Garden beginnings 2012

Hobbies abound for me. Fortunately for me, this one is seasonal….at least for me.  What you see here is Swiss Chard, Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce, Radishes, Beets, other salad greens, Roma Tomatoes, peas, beans, cucumbers, bell peppers and jalapeno peppers.  Now, some of those you don’t so much “see”, but if I take a pic later in the season, you should!  You will also see watermelon, cantaloupe,summer and winter squash.  In my herb garden you find basil, dill, parsley, cilantro, and I THINK oregano (I have forgotten what else I planted!!!) Most of my REAL hobbies revolve around food.  Whether it is gardening, couponing to obtain, cooking, preserving it, exercising it off!  I have a great passion surrounding food.  Of late, it has only intensified.  I am currently searching for the best Pasta Maker.  I have always tried to eat nutritious, staying away from processed as much as possible, but that has only intensified lately.  I am finding everything I can to make from scratch.  It’s a great quest,and it is fun to put something in front of my family knowing it doesn’t have the “extras” we don’t want or need.


CRAFTING: Old Farmhouse Window Frame, being repurposed into a Jewelry Organizer

I have a great desire to keep myself busy at all times.  One of the ways I do that is by crafting.  Right now, I have 17 frames in my garage that are patiently awaiting transformation.  The above picture shows the before, the below shows the after.  These are two different size frames, but I am doing them the same.  The top portion will be a chalkboard for messages.  The mid-third is divided in half, pegboard and styrofoam board for slip on bracelets and earrings, respectively. The bottom third is for necklaces and bracelets that have clasps to hang off dowel rods (I have to get bigger ones, the small ones not good enough!)  I am also painting around the frame “Charm is deceitful, beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord shall be praised. Proverbs 31:30”

Old Farmhouse Window Frame Jewelry Organizer


Now of course, these are just a few of my favorite things:)  I love my time in God’s Word, but honestly admit that sometimes I am easily distracted from it.  I also have my crochet business that I greatly need to be working on.  I’m just pre-occupied.  Then, of course, I have the normal things that a wife/mother has to do.


God has blessed me with allowing me to stay at home. But just recently I have thought about getting a regular job so maybe I can slow down.  Wonder if I would?


So, what occupies your time?


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