Is that how it is for you?  Is today just another “Manic Monday”.  I thought of the song The Bangles made popular in 1986 with this title.  It fits so many people today.  And some of the lyrics ring true for so many.  Are you tired of it being a Manic Monday for you?  What are you doing about it?

I have some ideas for you.  I am sure that you have heard most of these before, but you need a refresher.  🙂

1.  Start the day right!  As I’ve mentioned before, we have to invite God to the dance of our lives.  Sure, He is already present, but we need to include Him in each day.  Spend some quality time with Him each morning.  How?  Find a way!  Get up an extra 30 minutes, buy a devotion in some audio format, whether it is cd, iTunes, or some software.  Listen to it, and focus on it, during your morning commute.  Do what it takes to start your day focusing on God.

2.Recognize what are your stressors. Use the voice recorder on your smart phone throughout the day to record different things that are making Monday a manic day for you.  Can’t decide on what to wear?  Can’t get out of bed?  Kids aren’t cooperating in getting ready for school? Late for your 9 o’clock meeting? etc.  Identify those things that aren’t helping your day.

Record those stresses in some format – however, I DO NOT recommend using post-it notes.  In reality, post-it notes do not add to organization.  Often, they add to the stress.  Look around you.  Do you have post it notes everywhere?  If so, you are just really using those for wall art!


Unless your wall art looks like this – – – – get rid of it!!! 🙂

3.  Once you’ve identified them, determine what it takes to fix that craziness.  Predetermine your clothing options the night before – some people go as far as choosing for the ENTIRE week on Sunday.  For me, that is a bit extreme!  Another option I read about just the other day – eliminate clothing options.  This person went down to 3 of each kind of clothing – 3 jeans, 3 slacks, 3 skirts, 3 dresses, etc.  That will give you extra room in your closet and seriously cut out time wasted in the closet!!!!  These are just 2 suggestions, but find something that works for you.  Remember, your goal is to eliminate stress on Monday.  What can you do to get the kids to cooperate in the mornings?  I am big on the rewards system versus the discipline system.  Some call it bribery, but I call it a good mood. 🙂


Love this idea that a fellow blogger posted to pinterest.  She found it on Better Homes and Garden, but I found it through her….so she gets the credit from me.  But think about it:  You come home from work in a dash, and need to have supper on the table.  How much easier is it to pull out one basket and have everything at your fingertips than trying to round everything up, then get started?  Ever fixed a meal only to realize you left out an important ingredient???? – Just last week!!!


4. Be Diligent! Manic Monday will not turn in to Mellow Monday over night.  Choose to eliminate one stress source a week, or all of them.  BUT, don’t make that an added stress!  When you recognize new stresses, stop them before they happen.


I believe that our lives have enough stress placed on them without us adding to them, or actively trying to eliminate them.  Tim and I eloped.  Why?  I felt we had enough stress in our day-to-day lives that adding wedding planning and the event to it would not be wise in the elimination of stress.

When Joshua was in Kindergarten, I quickly realized that Wednesday’s were not good days for our family.  I was on staff at a church, which meant Tim would meet us at church instead of coming home.  Joshua was in afternoon Kindergarten.  Why was Wednesdays so rough?  We weren’t getting any family time.  So, what was my solution?  We started meeting for lunch at a popular kid-friendly fast food restaurant.  Did I like the place? Not at all.  Did it relieve a stress?  Yes.  So, it was worth it.


John 10:10 – “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy.  I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”  Jesus

If you live in a constant state of stress, Satan is being successful in your life.  He has stolen your Monday.  Give it to Jesus, that your Monday may be abundant!

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