In the Beginning.. . . . .

I am so glad  that “in the Beginning” God had a plan….and that it worked.  Man got involved and messed things up, but GOD HAD A PLAN.

And He still has a plan today.  I am in it and so are you.

Now, this blog, well, that is a different story.  It has a VISION…..the end:)

No, not really.  But I say I am an individual that constantly deals with ADHD.  I have a mind that never turns off, nor stays on the same subject for very long.  I’ll have a plan, but unless I am writing it down just that minute, I don’t remember what started the plan that got me to where I am.

Some days you will easily follow my “plan”.  Other days you will wonder where in the world I came from.  Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one.

I am new to the blogging world.  Don’t have a clue hat I am doing.  A year ago, God impressed upon my heart that I should write a blog.  I did…..about 4 times last year.  And that was it.  I didn’t have a plan, nor a vision.  Therefore I couldn’t get anywhere.  Now, at least I have a VISION.  I hope you have read it.  If not, please do so.  You are part of that vision.

Dancing with God,


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