Ever thought about doing something and wondered what it would take for you to do it?  Do you have enough…..time, energy, creativity, gumption, etc….? That’s where I am.  Only, I dare.  Why would I want to write a blog?  Not really sure.  Just something I feel God has placed on my heart recently.

Where will this go? What will be it’s purpose? I’m not really sure. Haven’t really asked God that either.  Just trusting obedience leads to direction.

All throughout my life I have discovered God has prepared me for the task He has set before me.  I am trusting this is once again the case.  I remember being in high school and college and loving to write.  Naturally, not what the teacher wanted me to write, but what I wanted.  Whether it was a love poem based upon a current dream, or a Bible Study of what God was teaching me.

In 1999, God gave me the phrase “dancing with God”.  I see that others have also been given that phrase, therefore, I had to tack on it – shana.  My desire is that my life is a dance with God.  I hope you enjoy following my blog to see where this dance will go.

I look forward to hearing from you. I believe God created us to interact with one another.  To build one another up. To pray for one another. Become involved in each others lives. I covet your prayers and look forward to this journey with you.

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