Life is CRAZY!  I’m still trying to catch up with everything that is going on in my life!!!

And, I want to catch you up.

We continue to progress with getting back in to the Foster Care system.  We officially closed out with the System a month ago.  We have been without foster children now for 2 months.  Yeah, we are ready for another young one in our home….at least we think:)

As the System closed our file, we were able to start the process with a private agency.  So far, we love the private agency.  They actually answer the phone when you call.  If the person you want to talk to isn’t there or available, you actually get a call back that day.  That is far above and beyond what we are accustomed to!!!

The private agency requested the status of our file from the System.  They were advised our file is closed, and that they (private agency) were able to proceed with our application!!  Wahoo!  You never know what the System will say regarding the ability of former parents to continue.

We have attended an orientation that the private agency offers.  It is really an information meeting for those that are considering fostering through this agency.

Tonight, we get to become CPR certified.  I find that is a great thing for parents.  It makes me question why the System doesn’t require it.  But that’s okay.  I’m not with the System anymore.  I’m with a private agency.

Tomorrow, we go take the MMPI-2 test.  Now, this one, I’m anxious for them to show me why it is necessary.  Not convinced.  But……I’m with a private agency.  I’ll do what is required. 🙂

We are happy with the progress we see happening at this time.  Sure, we would have liked to have had another child a month ago, but we can accept the process.

Once we have completed our MMPI-2 test, we are back to waiting.  The first thing we are waiting on is the System to release our file to the private agency.  Once that is done, our private agency Social Worker will contact us.  From what we understand, as soon as our file is received, we could have a child – like that day!!!!

So…..any day now (because I think positively), we could have a child.

It’s about to get fun around here.  Pray that the System releases our file this week.  Also, pray for the child(ren) that will come in to our home.  Pray that we will be the parents they need at this time in their life.